Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Upgrade And Relief

I went to Walmart today as planned, intending to purchase the CPU I'd decided on after trolling their site last night via my Tab.  I got to the computer section and the first thing I saw was a display of laptops.  Curious, I paused to, look.  Five minutes later I was walking out of the store with ... a laptop!

I couldn't do otherwise, given the deal: $298.00; 15.6" HD screen; webcam; Windows 7; MS Office 2010.  I spent the bulk of the afternoon transferring files from the desktop to the laptop, then finally shut it down sometime after 6:30pm tonight, teased by inklings of the possibilities that come with not having to be tethered to a desk in order to access the Internet.

Above all else, there is gratitude standing hand in hand with relief.  When did technology go from being a bonus to being a necessity in most homes?

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