Behind the Scenes

As my "Who Am I" says, I'm a mid-lifer.  I am Penelope Pitstop meets Jane Austen meets Kathy Bates meets Shirley MacLaine.  I am unemployed; have been unemployed since April 2011 due to a lay-off.

I am equal parts creative and analytic; equal opportunity for both my left and right brain ... Sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.

I love to cook, eat, laugh, read and write.  I love the ocean, the smell of freshly-mown grass tinged with gasoline from the mower and the beauty of all four seasons.  I love chocolate and wine.  I love my friends and family.

I get turned on by compassion.

I love to give things away, thereby clearing my life of what has become clutter.  I love movies and music; playing games and singing; deep conversations and occasional debates.

I'm not a fan of small-mindedness, intolerance and mean-spirited behavior and won't hesitate to call perpetrators of such things on that nonsense.

I have been deeply hurt - some say scarred - by events that have taken place in this lifetime and have done much to transcend them; lots of hard work and patience with myself.

I am morbidly obese; a physical manifestation of decades of holding stuff in rather than dealing with it and airing it out.  I've turned my body into a fortress; let myself believe it would protect me from further harm while actually inflicting harm on myself.  Yes, I'm working on that, too.

I guess that's enough of an introduction for now.